Can you put speed into a property

can you put the amount of speed you have into a property?

Well, speed modifiers can only set speed, not change it. They also can’t be changed by properties or counters , so those are out the window.

ok, what about this: can speed modifiers be attached to stuff via wires?

Yes they can.


wait i tried and it didn’t let me

What are you trying to wire it to?

a trigger. but it didn’t give the option to be the first thing to wire.

like i could do
when triggered → change speed
but it wont let me do
when speed changed → trigger

What are you trying to make it do?

im making a capture the flag map. you know how in the official capture the flag, you can do any of the speed upgrades first, and it will plus the speed by something? i wanted to do that

Lifecycles can only be wired to, not from.

Make a vending machine.
Item Purchased > Set player to configured speed
Then you can unlock different areas or something.

Well, you can set a property to a number, and then the property is wired to a trigger that uses concatenation to set the right speed. You’ll need A LOT of speed modifiers for this though.

yeah, just have it at a semi-low increment to use less, this is what i used for skateboard in phighting

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could you explain this more please?

just because i probably should have explained this more, im trying to make a capture the flag map, and i thought i could create a code like if speed = 1 change configured speed to 2, and so on.

aYou could also make an invisible vending machine (or visible if you want) to a speed multiplier, kinda like in the already made CApture the flag and tag games?

My recommendation is create a property that goes up to 3 where every time you buy an upgrade it increments one.

The system follows this basic layout: