Can you put custom gimkit icons on signs? (like fishtopia)

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So I am recreating gimkit games in creative, and I am wondering if I can put icons on sign, or just on the map…

Yes… you just gotta copy emoji into the text device

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I mean gimkit icons… like bolt, and backpack

there are some approved images you can use

:zap: and use ⚡ High Voltage Emoji for other emojis

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thank you, I know that but HOW do I put it on the sign…

Put a text box on top of a sign, you might need to change the layers so that the text is higher than the sign

so I can put " icons/Bolt " in the text image and it will show?

tried it didn’t work

Yeah, in the website just copy it and in the text device just paste it

which website? the gimkit docs?

that or emojis
you can’t use code to put it in; it must be copied and pasted

⚡ High Voltage Emoji search up the emoji you want


But the image won’t load up using text. So i probably recommend using emojis.

oh… that’s too bad… hopefully the next gimkit update they make the their icons available to texts

Right Now, there is no possible way to put icons on the text device.
But, you can use a vending machine and put icons/Bolt

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