Can you prevent a waypoint from retriggering?

I’m using waypoints to create a tutorial for my game, using a bunch of them to lead players to different places. I only have one enabled at the start, which leads the players to the questionier. Then, after they answer a question, the questionier emits an event on a channel that makes the other waypoint activate. Now, after I go to the other waypoint and make it deactivate, I can go back and answer more questions and the waypoint will re activate, which I do not want. How can I accomplish this? I know I probably can with a bunch of checkers and custom properties, but I don’t think that that is the most memory efficient way. Thanks!

Use a counter with a target value of 1 and wire it to the waypoint to deactivate it.

You can set it so the waypoint deactivates when you get close. It won’t activate again.

Your answer achieved the opposite of what I wanted, with the waypoint not turning on the first time but it turning on every other time I answer a question. I have found a solution though: do the opposite of what you said(kind of) XD

So first I stopped the waypoint from turning on when the signal from the questionier was emitted. Next, I used a counter with 1 as the target value and made it increase when it gets the signal from the questionier. I connected the counter to the waypoint with a wire and made it so that the waypoint is triggered when the target value is reached. It will not trigger again because the counters value will be above 1, the target value


That’s what I did originally , but it didn’t work

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