Can you Please tell me if this looks good so far?



Awesome so far!

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hold on lemme put the rest

Screenshot 2024-06-05 8.51.13 PM|690x446](upload://4u1VLY3CbxSVqTyzSZZnmiLE4kZ.png)
where u choose ur team

btw im in ur game since u didn’t block the code in your image

Not bad! I would make sure to add a camera view device and I feel like there could be more vibrance. Right now, I feel like the atmosphere, for me, is looking a bit dull…

thx for the advice!

I’ve played lots of maps and wanted to create something that was like it
this is my first

BTW, welcome to the forums!
Read new-user-must-read and forum-beginners if you haven’t already!

thx I’ve always been scared to share things but I got over my fears


Good job :marshall_islands::+1:

Thanks I spent I while unfortunately it wont let me add more pics

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yeah, that’s for new users so eventually you’ll be able to post more pics.

oh yeah I know
but thanks anyways!

It’s fairly decent, although I would suggest more variance in the potted plant types.

Thx not many people like it infact in my school people make fun of me for liking naruto

When I was in 6th, i freaking binge watched the whole thing*.
*not including Shippuden and Boruto

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SO GOOD :+1:t3: !!!

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It is awesome! you can add some more props for decoration! :+1:

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This is the choose your team room