Can you make sentries teleport?

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I don’t think it is possible to move sentries as of right now. Sorry :frowning:

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Actually you can use teleporters to teleport sentries

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You can? How do you do that?

Im pretty sure you can place a teleporter under a sentry and when the game starts it will be teleported

Yes, that would probably work. However, I believe that Sleepy1 is asking if you can make them teleport at a point during the game, not at the start.

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Hello, it is currently not possible to teleport sentries at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You could deactivate one and then activate another, but you can’t make things move per se

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Pretty much:… I think the idea was to have a more versatile system format available so that issues were easier to deal with, and this was the result. People false-reporting posts wasn’t the only issue, but it was one of them - but whatever the reason, the decision was eventually made to move to a different platform.

YOU CAN ‘teleport’ SENTRIES!
use zones, and wire them up to the sentry
when players enter the zone, they’ll see the sentries, if they leave it, the sentries disappear


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Make a teleporter and a zone, the zone is not activated at the start, but something activates the zone, make it so that when you enter a zone , you teleport, and there you go (I think)

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