Can you make moving sentreis?

i want some of the sentreis in my gimkit to be able to move

It’s not possible to actually move them. However, you could make teleporting sentries!

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Sadly no, this is a common question but it is not possible or at least not yet. Gimkit will have to add moving sentry to devices.

ok hey @WolfTechnology think you could help me design some stuff

Sure, what do you want designed?

a escape pod but i have ot finish the passage to it and add props

Ok, can you send me the gamecode on the WIX?

no that overloeads my chrombook

i can on the other place though

The definition of a Sentry is almost something that stands still. And hey Wolf.

HI @Brett ,and @Chumbucket I don’t have access to the GCC right now my school blocked it and i don’t know why so that is my only way to off-topic chat and gamecode post right now. you can say the code on here then delete it.

Wait, what is GCC. I hear people say it a lot and feel dumb that I don’t know what it is.

It is the new Off-topic chatting and gamecode posting forum. Its like the Gimkit Forum but i allow codes and off-topic chatting, most of the rules are the same though. I can give you the link if you want.

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@WolfTechnology owns it pretty much he can invite you

Yeah here is the invite link:

Hey wolf please go to the GCC I opened a chat with you

and sent you a code to the gimkit

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This is why i can’t my school blocked it and I am trying to find a bypass.

ok i will send it so what that guy said was true you were kicked out

No just blocked, not kickedout. I still have the right to end the forum because i have it linked to my email so I get every post that is said.