Can you help me make a name for my map

I can’t think of a name
It like a clash between Mario kart and tag

The theme of the map is ice

could you tell us what your map is about
and im pretty sure that putting the map number isnt allowed because putting codes and links for your maps arent allowed

Putting the number for the map is NOT allowed and you can get banned for that. Please describe your map or use screenshots instead.

Sorry my bad, I forgot to read the guidelines

super mario tag
kart tag
super kart tag




20 charecters

super kart tag odise
(i dont know how to spell odise)


use letters ONLY in < > to get rid of extra characters

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what about gimkarttag dulex

mabye something like icey gimkart

Welcome to the forums @helpful_man! That sounds cool.


Ice Tag And Gim Kart. (All one name)

try icey gim tag its good to me

Mario Kart Chase!


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