Can you help here

I’m making a game where you shoot others and they switch to your team, team with most people wins

How do i configure

Player Knocked Out (lifecycle) → Switch to configured team (team switcher)

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Wire a knockout manager to a team switcher.


Oh sorry I posted just after you.
(Didn’t mean to copy).


But i want it to work both ways
A one-way team switcher is a human v zombies game and I don’t want that

Hello? Help requested

Just make two knockout managers each going a different way

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U…. Yello. Anyone home

Nvm. I did it. Yay yipee

Uh, I think I solved it

Don’t just solve it your self.

Be sure to mark a solution if you solved it btw.


Wait can score be configured by how many people are on a team tho?

Send the link so we can try it out plz

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