Can you have a moving device?

Is it possible to have a device move with a player?

BTW, I mean other than zones.

I would think to use teleporters.

when player enters zone → teleport here

What? I need the devices to move, like when the player moves, the zone moves with them.

Oh, sorry thats my bad. I misunderstood you. answering your question, no moving devices are not possible.

Other than with Barriers, Sentries, Laser Beams, Checkpoints, not really. (visually)
You could try and use a lot of coordinate systems that activate and deactivate devices but it won’t really be noticed visually.
Also, this isn’t compatible with all devices since there are some devices that can’t be activated/deactivated.

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you may be able to deactivate the zones that the player is not in and when the player enters a another zone that the other zone deactivates the previous zone, and activates the new one.

That’s what I figured.

just zones and anything that can turn off and on I have made a moving cardboard box that has followed me

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