Can you guys help with my game?

So I need help with my game.
Its a game with a mall and you go around and see if you want to buy stuff
There are going to be a lot of stores in general
What should I add tho?

with what? I kinda need to know to help.

yea my bad i accidently made the topic while righting

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Maybe a way to make money, a scoring system, lore (non creepy), or a good gameplay loop?

is there any guides on that?

Maybe use helpers and give them their own shop! You can e-mail me for ideas -


Pretty sure there are general guides on all of those. [1]

  1. There’s also me… One of the last active May users… I’m not too bad at GKC as well… ↩︎

maybe add a sports store where you can buy a soccerball, which enters you into a minigame for cash?

ok ill try my best!

That is a good idea!

You could add your own supermarket, lumber store, gas station, car dealer ships… etc.
There is a lot more where that came from!

If you go to the site and add your map I’ll j0in, and help you! :smiley:

Challenge: Go to your nearest Costco/Walmart or something, then recreate that store (including interior/exterior) in GKC.

i was going to do like shoe stores and stuff

As this is kinda off topic, please wait for the poster to not be able to get something to work next time.[1]

  1. The wix also had lxmas a history of greifing, so this could sound a bit sus. ↩︎

Options to add to your game:
Gas station
Houses (have to buy them though)
Hotels (must rent them)
Car dealerships
Random road names
A lot of trees at your park
You could name your own clothing/shoe store.

yeah good ideas, maybe add references to gimkit, like a fishtopia fishing store

ill do that too @Zvstheworld

I’m making a life simulator, and I have already added my hotel and park I just have a BUNCH more to do…you just think of it on the top of your head (literally)