Can you guys help me with alliteration?

GAHhhhh he really just looked at a dictionary…and i thought you seemed a good dude…just kidding but we should mark solution before getting flagged for off topic posts/comments…

at this point if you do not need help just mark a random thing (though i would still say mr tomato as he had most comments trying to help)

Yes, with finding a solution to marking a solution.

inspiration could be something that helped start a flow of ideas…helped you think of something… find an answer… really to do anything…

Like my guide here Ideas for guides or game to make [Copied from LegoBuilder’s Original Guide]
is to inspire people to make maps and inspire what maps and or guides to make… honestly if we keep going…soon i might be the top responding user here other than you.

Try this

He already said he did not need help… he just feels unsatisfied with who to mark as a solution…

Oh I didn’t see that sorry

Also @GimSolver please mark a solution soon if you truly do not need more help or you may be flagged for clutter…and everyone else until @gimsolver responds please leave this topic alone. it is okay @vqnillaxx.

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Sorry Mr.Tomato.

It is fine, this forum is about helping people, not about badges, tho I only have one solution and that was myself

No badges, just sorry.

What are you talking about…badges are the whole point of the forum!! (jk you are 100% right)…maybe…:smiley:

rewards are the only motivation for some people, ok now lets not be off-topic

There, solution granted to Mr. Tomato and I’m not feeling guilty. Point final. Topic closed.

You want us to be off-topic?

Ok he is right let’s stop also it was a joke that is not my motivation.flag next person who replies for clutter…

typo lol

I know I was joking too


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