Can you get gimbucks from publishing a gimkit map?

so i need some gimbucks fast and i’v also gotten all the XP that I can this week. So I’m just looking for other ways to get Gimbucks. I also do have the seasion pass
one more thing The gum I want is only avaliable today so I won’t be able to get it tomorow

P.S. I cant reply because I just started my help forum thingy account to day and I am unable to reply

if you got all the xp possible for the week, you cant get anymore

it’ll reset tomorrow though

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Yeah, you’re out of luck.

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(If you want XP fast do tag domination btw, side note.) [1]

  1. rip that you can’t get any more for the gim you want… the suffering :frowning: ↩︎


the map must be published and your xp limit has to not be maxed out

also to mention answering questions and the questions give you the item to buy the vending machien should be good enough to create a loop also to make you can only gain it if theres only one answer

If your title is the question… Then no, the only way to earn gimbucks is to level up with xp. Making and publishing maps is for fun with no earning of gimbucks involved. (I wish you could get some though)

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