Can you extend the shield can limit?

If so, I don’t know how to.

You could use a checker that activates when a player gets a shield can, and if it checks that the shield can isn’t in their inventory anymore, a health granter grants them shield points?

Maybe a IIM could work.

Unfortunately, you can’t increase the limit of which a player can hold shield cans per inventory slot. You can give them more room by going to the map options, clicking on the item tab, then setting the held item slot amount to 5.

You could store the amount of shield cans as another item, so as long as you have more than one of that item, the game gives you one shield can. Every time you use the shield can, you lose an item. When the number of items is less than one, do not grant a shield can.

I found a way. You set up a vending machine that grants a shield can for a price (Example: 20) And transmits a signal when bought. Then you run an Inventory Item Manager that manages the shield can. Activate and remove it on the same signal. Finally, get a health granter and all the amount of health (or shield) you want.

If that’s what you were trying to do, couldn’t you just use a health granter?

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