Can you create an item lag machine?

i want someone to press a button connecting to a repeater with reapeats 300 times with an inv item man to only allow them to carry one but when the button is pressed it gives a thousand at a time therefore creating POWER. how?

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or did i just explain it in one help post?

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cant you just up the number of items it gives? like if its snowballs, those stack infinatly.


Yes you did probably
But to make lag, Shdwy's Tick Suppressor! (high memory)

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Idk if it would create lag…

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just make it happen alot

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I don’t think it would, it would just put a lot of numbers on your screen.

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oh ok

how do i make it lag

By adding other devices that add momery and and make the number insane, that usually works.

There are a lot of ways to make it lag. Just pure items on the ground won’t do much, though, since Gimkit has a dropped item cap.

dang it! have any ideas?

Would wires connected to a lot of things do the trick?

maybe, that or a lot of sentries.


Wires are actually really good at not being laggy.
You could use a large amount of devices switched on and off, a large amount of projectiles, etc.

There’s lots of ways to do it. You’ve just gotta figure it out.

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Like spawn and despawning of many sentries over and over?

Yep. Or getting them to shoot each other. Really anything works if you have enough of it.

Yeah, well theres your answer. But i will agree, gimkit did decent on trying to prevent lag, other than sentries.

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