Can you add music to Gimkit?

I’m trying to make an fnf game and I want to know if i can put music into the game.

not like that

Only the approved music

no, you would not be able to switch the music, making the game only one song, which I am sure you don’t want.

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But there is a theory that you can use different gadgets to make different sounds.

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not worth it though

You can change the music to one of the approved tracks

that is only a selection of sounds and the ones played are random, so as much as that theory is popular, it is not possible until a music device is added to the game.

not what I meant. I meant you could make it timed so then that would be how it works.

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Still, it randomizes the tone played, meaning it is impossible to predict what notes it will play.

Okay I see your point. If he can’t have the sounds he could have the interface still though. @PhoenixFire try the Moon Rhythm guide

But what if one modified the approved tracks using inspect element and put their own .mp3 file instead? Would this give them custom music?

I have not tested this yet but modifying the game might be possible but it would most likely be only on the player’s end

modify by inspecting…? what?

Just a theory I came up with. I wonder if you can modifly the music Gimkit can play by modifying the filesystem

.like sentries firing at one sentry. You can use the reload times to your advantage.

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well ive never done that before so yeah.


nice bro. but this topic has been solved, please don’t reply to it.

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