Can You add music in-game?

I’m pretty sure you can’t do this, but can you add music to your game so it won’t be so silent?

The only sound we can control is the checkpoint.

No, not now. Would have been able to if the sound modifier had won the vote. (I think the damage modifier was worth it though) Make sure to mark a solution!

In the vote for new devices, one of the options was a sound effect device, but it didn’t win.

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Welcome to the forums @Gimkit_Lover!


Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum, @Gimkit_Lover! How did you know about the device vote? Wasn’t it a months or two ago?

I was on the forum before I got an account.

Oh, makes sense. I definitely didn’t do that. I’m to impatient.

the checkpoint has sound?

No unforuntaly it is not possiable yet. There was a poll from Josh about what device he should add, one of them was a sound device but it didn’t win. Also please mark a soultion to prevent off-topic and clutter.


does it play music?

No, the checkpoint just makes a noise.

NO! You can’t add music, but vending machines make a sound and so do checkpoints.

Don’t forget Item Spawners and Buttons

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