Can somone help me make capture the flag?

I just can’t get the setup right if someone can log on to the game and help let me know and ill put the link in gimcorse general chat but i can sett up flags and stuff

Have you looked at these?

yes they don’t help I can set up the devices, wires, ect I need to build the shape of the map

So, why don’t you just do it?

that’s the point I don’t know how! :anger:

Make walls around the entire area you want, it’s that simple. What do you not get?

the like secret passages and the size!

look can you just go on to gimcource and help me make the shape I can do the rest

I don’t do gimcourse. Plus, don’t you want your own passages?

look im not good with scales just nvm if you wanna see it I’ll priavtly give you the link

@Vortex_AgentWolfi22 I have a Capture the Flag Map. I can show you on Gimcourse

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