Can someone tell me how to create teleports like the ones in fishtopia where you have to buy it?

Can someone tell me how to create teleports like the ones in fishtopia where you have to buy it and then you can tp??

I don’t think there is activate teleporter


make a button to purchase and one to teleport to there
create 2 button
create a teleporter
make 2
button-button 2 pressed-activate
(when i say (-) i mean wire
button 2-teleporter pressed-teleport player here
go into vending machine and make it so it transmits on channel instead of purchasing
button1-vending machine pressed-attempt to purchase

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with a wire connecting the vending mechine to the teleporter than once you do that click on the wire then item bought activate tele

There isn’t any way to activate a teleporter. But what you can do is either deactivate a button that will teleport you there, or place a barrier around the teleporter.


there is i just said it

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vending machine item bought -------> activate button

(make sure the button is deactivated at first)

Place a teleporter and make it invisible
Button pressed -----> teleport player here

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he said in fishtopia

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(Vending Machine) Item Purchased —> (Teleporter) Teleport Player Here

(Vending Machine) Item Purchased —> (Button) Activate Button

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Teleporter) Teleport Player Here

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YES! I’m finally wrong about something! Thank you!


What’s wrong with being right every time? Also

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Well, the more I’m nervous about getting something wrong.

Apply that over 8 months and…

Do you want a breakdown of what this does?

No, it didn’t work due to the nature of a single waypoint only being able to track down one player at a time.

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Well, it should put a waypoint on the last player to join the game.

kind of getting off topic here so @cyco398 pick a solution

barrier and vending machine

for the vending machine:

Make it “transmit on channel”
Choose the item needed
and make it not visible

with a teleporter under it

thanks guys ----------

you could put a barrier prop in front of it and make a vending machine with the cost being whatever u want it to cost then when item bought hide prop