Can someone tell me gimkit lore for my game?

I need all the lore in gimkit for my game but i don’t know any thing!

go to the Gimkit fandom and search up lore.


thats pretty unoriginal and ths whole point for lore is for it to be unique and about the game and at that point you should just remake the gimkit gamemodes but you do you :man_shrugging:


thanks everyone but i still don’t know how to use devises good

he could be making a Gimkit lore “sequel” game to continue it and that would be original


If you have other games already published, try linking them together.
ex. Put an item from your other game into it

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Per the forums guidelines you can not post links here! try getting on a padlet or the wix site. Codes & Gimkit Games - Code Sharing | Gimkit Creative

huh im confused can you explan that

delete your post that has the game c0de in it because game c0de sharing is not allowed in the GKC forums. you can make an account on the website link I gave you to share codes there


i request to can you let me in

can I get context of the game you’re making

What is the game? If not word is given, no help can either. For dither is not the fruit of success, so neither this nor unanswered questions would be beneficial.


Anyways TF2 lore is so good these red guy and blue guys are fighting for a bunch of land same with Gimkit echo vs vortex but instead of land they are fighting for info about the chemical supreme

More into depth


Mann Family

The **Mann family’**s backstory begins in the 19th century with the wealthy Englishman, .Zepheniah Mann was the owner and proprietor of Mann & Sons Munitions Concerns – which also went by the name of Zepheniah Mann & Sons Co., but is better known by the name of [Mann Co.]. His wife, Bette, gave birth to three sons on September 2nd of 1822; [Redmond], [Blutarch] and [Gray], but oofed in childbirth. Though Redmond and Blutarch were perfectly normal, Gray was underweight, and had learned to talk inside the womb. Zepheniah ordered the baby to be smothered, but he was abducted by an eagle during the “Great Eagle Scourge of 1822”. The remaining Mann brothers grew up without knowledge of their missing brother.

Gray was well cared for by his eagle abductor. He was fed grubs and mice, kept warm under her wings and accepted by her children. Gray grew strong under the eagle’s care and when he was strong enough, he oofed her and her children and ate them all before crawling back to civilization.

@ian990789 Did you just steal Kat_aronii’s art (for Gimkit Awards) for your PFP?

Oh yeah! I see it too…

Kind of annoying actually. Hard to stop people from stealing art that isn’t theirs.

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I don’t know what the game is so I can’t assist you.

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