Can someone please make a thumbnail for me?

Can someone please make a thumbnail that contains an echo agent fighting vortex agents while trying to get to a building that says, “secret lab” and a background of a forest or something in the middle of nowhere. Also, please make sure that all of the agents have evil eyes. (I would create it myself, but I suck at drawing.)

-Thumbnail Requests-

What is that supposed to mean?
(Sorry I’m new here.)

you submit your requests there

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Ohhhhhh. Thanks for telling me.

And don’t use times as other people might be in different time zones.

Oops. My bad.
(I told you I’m new here)

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its flagged though.

Uhm everyone, me and banana bunny r tryna remove clutter by useing this padlet instead. Could ya ask thumbnails there? Ty!

If you want to do it here, fill out my form

What they are doing:
Additional Notes:

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Hey uhh, I might have a solution (:

I made you one. It’s not a gim but it’s cool.

i can make u one if u want :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry that took so long! What about this?

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Pretty decent but here are some thoughts and changes you could add.
1.Where’s the title?
2.Maybe make the background or animated? Something that you made yourself?
3.Add more Gimkit props?

Maybe add that part?

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thanks!!! : ) That was my first one on this free app thingy, I think its called Pixlr or something like that

It sadly was not working with the text :disappointed_relieved:

i’ll make you one it’ll be very cool

here of a few of my thumbnail designs

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