Can someone please help me with thumbnails

I need thumbnails for 3 of my maps

what kinda maps or games are they?

An Among Us map, a Capture The flag map, and a Bedwars Map


IF you use this pls credit me as THE HACKER


oh hey hacker not to sound all picky and everything but can you change the darker color to green and the flag to blue and make it to where they don’t have any weapons and change the light color to blue and do the back half blue and half green and make it to where the vortex team are on the left chasing after the echo team person running away looking back and looking scared please and thank you

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wow that was fast to make a thumbnail, good job!

T y : D


sorry for all of it being so long

Here sry I gotta scram for now, my sister has a play… I will edit thumbnail once I get back…s

ok thanks hacker see you soon

Is this good @Nature_Boy_Drama16 ? I think I did everything you asked…


give me 2 hours and you will see the best ones ever

thanks you did pretty good

Not to be annoying but someone should mark a solution if you got what you wanted. Anyways, cool thumbnail!

Capture the flag sry it took me so long

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are they floating in the void?

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thank but can you make half of the ground green and the other half blue besides that wow just wow


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NO OFFENSE but your CTF one kinda sucked but this one is pretty good

Ok guys, i dont want to say this, but this is dumb. Foxy has a thumbnail request post, and you could put it there. BUT GUYS, there are over 5 thumbnail hlp posts!
Now dont take offense from this, but just move everything to there pls

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