Can someone make this for me for a gimkit please

but it is for my gimkit @twofoursixeight

i am makeing a delership @twofoursixeight

please anyone who can

Idk how. You might wanna ask @WolfTechnology , he does a lot of map-making and art guides

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ok thanks i will @LandynSPEEDO802

Try this guide:

I can make it for you. When do you need it?

Welcome to the forum @KingVon1!

you can give it to when ever you are done @GimNo0b

@GimNo0b you can give it to me when you are done

@WolfTechnology i need your help please

Yes, what can I help you with?

can you make this idea i have please

just google car pixel art grid

@KingVon1 I finished but i ran out of barriers how is this Its a little big

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I strongly suggest a 32 grid snap as well as the occupancy being 100% instead of the default 80%

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wow you did good @GimNo0b

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Thank you it took forever :grin:


may i ask, what is it?

it is this