Can someone make my guide a wiki

Can a TL3 make my guide a wiki even if they did not make it. If you can a TL3 make this guide one. !!!THIS IS NOT FOR ADVERTISING!!! also sorry if this is off-topic
The ultimate guide to bedwars(WIP) - #9 by Foxboy

No, we can’t. We can only make our own posts wikis

i think he means to make a wiki for him.

no like for example you made a guide but your not tl3 but i m so i edit our topic and make it a wiki

I can’t do that

There’s no “make wiki” button on your post



cellofive can make his own wiki

and let you edit it.

is that okay?

That is what I asked Cellofive to do for me.

no make my topic a wiki like edit it and make the tag wiki on it

No its not because i have one that i’ve already started on

than copy it over

anyone can edit it

Oka good idea now i just need a TL3

Is anyone here a TL3?

Then copy it over. anyone can edit
combining 2 post
The post were made by @DXCTYPE

Wait so you want a TL3 to copy your guide and make a new topic that way it can be a wiki?

you can press q to quote it

literally anyone who has the regular tag

NO you edit MY guide and add the wiki tag since your a TL3

A TL3 can only make their own posts wikis
as cello said


Then can you do it? please