Can someone make me thumbnail for bedwars

Can someone make me a thumbnail for bedwas for me. The voting poll will be announced when 5 entries are in. Thank you. Like make some gims destroying beds walking around the map and the titan boss
3/5 entries are in 2/5 are made

can you give me more detail? @Foxboy

Like make some gims destroying beds walking around the map and the titan boss

also is it possible if you can put a fox or arctic fox image in the picture because im a fox guy

What background? Like grass?

I probably could, do you want the dodge gim

like different biomes like cherry, fall season, grass and more you can think of.
Sorry i’m being really picky.

Yes like the fox gim and the arctic fox if you don’t have it its fine just search it up.

I’m glad to help! I should have it done by monday afternoon. (because I don’t work on sundays)

like this
download (1)

ya, I own the dodge, but thanks for giving me a pic of the arctic fox!

Fine with me just make sure you take out the white on the background

Fun fact: the dodge gim was the first legendary gim to be released.

Really! That’s so cool

I will start making one

Thank you for helping

t fine if i make the thumbnail but the titan boss isnt exactly what your game has but close to it?And is it fine if there is a photo of a gim destroying a bed with a pickaxe?

Yes like put a green plant as the titan boss and yes good idea i did not think of that also can you make some of the gims have better weapons and armor please

yes i will have some other gims displaying weapons and maybe armor i will have to check on that.

Also welcome to the forums it is really good if you read the