Can someone make me a thumbnail pretty please

I made a super smash map called super smash gims i need it to be like the real super smash thumbnail but with gims please use the blueprint as one of them but the others can be any of them. I would like it to be handrawn.

I can do it for you but I don’t do Handrawn I use adobe firefly, if that is okay.
Also just give me a little more detail
Is this a platformer?

Work I've done

Yes it is a platformer

oh and @GimNo0b so i cant do hand-drawn because i tried it once and it did not go well
and im not going to be able to make a thumbnail im sorry…

Its ok my first handrawn thumbnail looked like i was made by a 1st grader


Has anyone finished it yet???


@Kat_aronii hasn’t been on for like 4 days


Yea I think they have some tests. It’s that time of year.

Same… :skull: well, lets get on topic

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I do hand drawn thumbnails! Can I help!

My other thumbnails/art

Yes please i really need this thumbnail :pray:

:slight_smile: 0kay!:slight_smile: also could you make a sketch of what you want the thumbnail to look like

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thank you so much i was using a copyrighted thumbnail and just changed it so my map would not be taken down but i need a good thumbnail. (the one i am using sucks)

@The-realgimkitMaster when will you be done?

probably like some time today. sorry I was busy with other thumbnails

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wow that looks pretty good!