Can someone make me a thumbnail please?

Can someone make me a hunger games thumbnail?

I can do it for you. Edit: Can I get an idea of what it should look like?

I will give it a try as well

  1. what gims do you want
  2. what are the gims doing (what are they holding, are they running, etc)
  3. hand-drawn or slides
  4. any background you want

@DaRickroller is making thumbnails, maybe ask him or @Random_dude123

Sorry it took me so long, but here is the one I attempted to make:
Screenshot 2024-03-22 1.37.22 PM

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I will try for you! It will be done in 1-2 hours.

I’ll try! Also, I think @VoidFluffy made a hungim games thumbnail.


Thank you guys so much!

I don’t mean to sound greedy or unsatisfied, But can any of you can make one titled the hunger gims? And can you put it in a grassy field with trees in the background with a bunch of different gims on metal plates surrounding a large cornucopia? If not, then i’ll just use one of these

I’ll work on that soon. I have break this week, so I have a lot of spare time.