Can someone make me a Thumbnail for my map?

can be a Thumbnail consisting of just any nice GIMs/any

If you need to see my map there is a link in my profile.

include the name and just the theme/idea

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my maps name???

Yes. I think that’s what foxy is trying to say

but is it allowed here??

If it is for thumbnail purposes then yes, but try not to advertise

Just say the name of it then the theme and how the game is like so they get an idea

It’s already on my profile, its name is Adventure Forward! There is a lot on my map, I don’t know how to explain it.

I wonder if someone will give me a thumbnail…

I can try but I may have to send it tommorrow…

Can I have map screenshots?

My map is in my profile, you can look at it. It is a very large map. I don’t think screenshots will be useful. Or you can just make a nice thumbnail. For example, put 1-2 GIM skins etc.