Can someone make me a thumbnail for my floor is lava game?

Idk how to make one and even if i did it wouldnt be good (at all)

i can probably make one

it’ll have to be later tho

probably around 2-3 EST

Ill see if i can try and make one just send me the image and ill see if i want to do yours, choose any design u like.

This is the one i found on the internet i might use it but i want to see what you make.

i’m sorry, it turns out i can’t make the thumbnail.

this’ll bump it tho so hopefully other people will see it

I can help

I can help :slight_smile:

What do you want me to add/change

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i tried my best, what do you think?


That actually looks really good could i use it?

i dont think i can use it, it wont show up in my folder when i open it.

nvm i just had to save the link, i had to ue a different image but thanks for the awesome one you did! btw if you want to try my map search (AW) for it

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