Can someone make me a scary humanoid figure?

I’m kinda making a creepy game and currently I working on the part where something scary chases you but I don’t know what to make the thing look like so here I am.

P.S. I’m not publishing sooo


i don’t think we’re allowed to post that here but place a circle black barrier
place another square black barrier and stretch it to the left make two small circle black barriers for the joints
place two more square black barrier, stretch it for the legs
place black blackboard legs for the toes
place two medium-sized black barriers for the arms
and place blackboard legs for the fingers
place more blackboard legs around the head until the outside of the circle is filled with it

well then what is the art tag for?

wait I just realized there’s no solution box soo

Switch it to Help mark a solution then switch it back to Art

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