Can someone make me a few custom gims for a thumbnaill

I want one of Darth Vader any Jedi your pick and a stormtrooper pls and no rush
its for my Gim wars Battle Front II map

Here’s a darth vader gim I guess
pixilart-drawing (2)

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Is this the origin gim with a darth vader png slapped onto it?

yup! How did you know :roll_eyes:

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Its the first gim that came to mind when I think of black gim with no hat

I mean uhhh mind powers

i think i can count the pixels on the darth vader png /nbr

i meannn i was using a pixel art app- i mean ur lying


Here is mine

Here is this one:
Untitled design


Here is a lightsaber thing I found (this is something I didn’t make):

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