Can someone make me a dodgeball thumbnail

Can some one please make a thumbnail for my echo vrs vortex dodgeball game pls make sure that there is a lazer somier in it as the line that you can’t cross
Ahem @Artemis ahem

I got you Bodagoat, I hope you will like it

Unfortunately, thumbnail requests are now banned due to community rejoice. Thanks!
By the way, this may get flagged, so I suggest editing the post to emptiness.


Thumbnails aren’t allowed due to the the community.
The mods might allow it in the future but for no, pls don’t post thumbnail request

Thank you but is that allowed I’m confused

Not anymore! :slight_smile:

Please do not reply anyone

Erm… Sorry there @Bodagoat , but instinctively, asking for thumbnails which are technically “art-requests” is now banned from the Gimkit Creative Forums, i just wanted to inform you about the policy of art-requests, unfortunately, this is vulnerable to getting “flagged,” which is similar to a report, please mark a what we all call a “solution” to close this “topic” to prevent you getting flagged.

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your fine you are new so

Screenshot 2024-05-08 7.40.45 PM
there you go, enjoy and good luck with your game


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