Can someone make me a cherry tree gim? (both prop art and art-art)

Just like the maple gim:
But with cherry blossoms:

Thank you!

I can try…

the only other custom gim I've made ._.

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I’ll make one!

I made this a while back

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Ooh, I love it!

Now you just have to figure out what I’m going to with it…

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I tried with chat gpt.

Oh, okay! Can I see the finished product?


I drew this one

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That looks like you just drew some legs on an emoji…

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I did! I told you that I drew this one!

Look at this. I actually drew it with pencil

Okay that’s good but the other one was uhm…

the simplest thing to do is a trace over. Just have an image of the gim and trace it over n the color you want it then add the small details such as falling flowers.

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How is Props supposed to use something that’s drawn on paper? The image doesn’t really look good and it won’t register well.

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