Can someone make an entrance to a blastball court

Ill do it but only once because I gtg soon

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What exactly do you mean? You want a design for the entrance to the area in the actual game?

you use grid
that’s crazy

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I would like it if someone could make a semi-decent entrance to a blastball court. You can make it in your own game. I just want mine to look better.

There’s nothing wrong with grid. I like to use it to align things.

OK I finished it it is kind of weird. I made it more like a building but kept the same concept as yours.
Screenshot 2024-04-16 20.23.47

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Not bad. . . I kind of like it.
I’ll consider putting it in my map.

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I’ll also consider your submission too.
It’s also not bad.

that looks nice

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Thanks @2nd_place_guy
Do you have any submissions?

that looks cool too

what do you mean by submission

What I mean is do you have any ideas for a blastball court entrance that you would like to take a picture of and share.

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Im creating one at the moment. Give me a few minutes to finish.



What are you saying @2nd_place_guy ?

I typed something here but I meant to type it on a different topic so I just put random stuff

Ok. . . . . Just stay on topic please.

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*GimGuy’s Entrance


I’ll make one in about 30 minutes

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Ok I’ll add it to the poll when you’re done.