Can someone make a thumnail for a game i made

They need to be going down a path in a snowy forest and there needs to be snow on ground and a dirt path also very dark and one pair of red eyes in forest

Name and everything is my profile also

Sorry, I don’t have the dirt path.

Oh ok that is fine i might use it

i can attempt one give me some time.

Ok you know what to do

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yes it should not be that hard…what gims will be walking down? and do they need to be named?

The knight one and no names

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ANy comments or suggestions?
wethere to take stuff away or add more?..since there is a lot of empty space since i was not told much to add.

Ya more trees and snow on ground

i suggest using a ai generated land and add the gim on the pic after.

yep something like that.

Updated version:

I would switch out the climber gim for puffer and maybe one of the ugly sweater gims. It fits the cold theme better.

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It called new greenville though

you messed up…i was told use a knight gim…

no idea how to do that…also i use creative and build the backround usualkly and get prop images from there and use remove bg…then i use google slides…thats all i know how to do currently.

Have you tried canva or adobe?

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