Can someone make a thumbnail?

I know I could make one myself, but I wanted to see what the community could come up with.
I want a Battlefront game.
The title is Gim Wars Battlefront II
I want my name to be in there somewhere
IDC what you put just I want it to be cool.
I will put a voting thing with mine as well as y’all’s eventually

wow great thumbnail. But, we know your a troll and your probably going to get banned soon.

Is thus what you wanted but do you really want name and where

Or is this what you wanted

Ya why is there so many trolls recently

yeah. That’s good :grin:

Anyone else wanna try?

Thanks for telling me i am trying to get better can i see yourworks so i cansee what you do and maybe you can giveme tips

Use Canva.
I could tell you a lot of tips but that would take a while.
Here are sites I use:

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how much experience do you have?! THAT LOOKS EXCELENT

a total of 23 I think

I’ll make one!
My previous works:

ta da!
hope you like it : )

oooooooh!!! I love it
(also, I knew you were good at this stuff @VoidFluffy )


it is really good it gives me battle vibes

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