Can someone make a thumbnail for my SSBU map?

read the title plz

@Nixximon , if you could help, that would be great

Can you elaborate on what SSBU and what you want in your thumbnail?

super smash bros ultamate

I want the game to be titled Super Gim Bros. Ultamate

I want a bunch of gims battling each other in a SSBU -style map
the smash bros cover but with gims

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so did that help?

Heres one I just threw together!

here’s what I have but I feel it’s missing something

also I got copyrighted on it. I will fix that later

here :smiley:

that’s a lot better than mine-

real thing for comparison Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate

I use a beautiful thing called: CANVA

I use chrome canvas lol I’m on my school Chromebook but shh-


ay bro no shame in that. I do to

same I used canva for a thumbnail once

I am bumping this because I would like some more variety to choose from

ok, me at work bro I get you one


super smash bros ultimate thumbnail