Can someone make a thumbnail for my map

The name is 10 Levels of Insanity.
I would like someone to make a thumbnail of gims jumping between platforms
I would also like the gims to be niblet, dodge, and chompz.
Also, I’d like the terrain to be grass, snow, and beach.
Please include my name at the top too.


I would really appreciate it if someone could make a thumbnail for me.

wish i could help but i cant i dont know how to do this stuff

I will…
AAAAAAND another one…
(there’s so many )

Thanks! I would make one myself, but I’m kind of bad at art.

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Can anyone create a thumbnail please? I really need one.

Anyone? I would really appreciate it if someone could make one for me.

I can try give me a sec.

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i need to get my hands on a platformer bit.

Does anyone else have a thumbnail?

I’ll work on one rn :slight_smile:

yeah I know, not very creative or original and pretty low-effort but if your desperate- here ya go :slight_smile:

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It looks great! Thanks for making it!

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I can make one if you give me a day or two.

I can make one!
You might have seen my art before (as a GK Awards nominee)
but here it is anyways:

ta da!

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better than mine(obviously)

but it’s already posted- I guess he could change it

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