Can someone make a thumbnail for my map?: The Battlegrounds

So, I finished making a map called The Battlegrounds, where you could pick your fight type and then fight until one person is left.

Is anyone able to try and make a thumbnail for my map? I’ll make sure to credit you, and if you need me too, I’ll send you a link to my map.

I’m not a good artist, but I can try! What do you want on the thumbnail. And, DO NOT SEND GAME LINKS, YOU WILL GET FLAGGED.

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Okay, thanks! Havent been in the forum for a while, so it’s good to know.

Mainly two red and blue gims kind of like running towards each other. They can be lick in one of those flying kick forms or something like that.

We really need @Foxy 's thumbnail request thing to open back up… there’s been too much of these recently but sure I’ll try to help

Thanks, Ive also been noticing a lot pf topics on the same thing…

I can try to make thumbnails. However, I’m currently making 2 so your thumbnail may not be finished that fast.

Yeah, thumbnail requests sure have been growing in the recent days

fill out this form for better results

  1. game name(you can ignore this part)
  2. what gims would you like?
  3. Photoshop or hand drawn?
  4. what background would you link?
  5. gadgets structures any larger details?
  6. extra text or details?

@THEHACKER120 trying Padlet the problem is people need to recognize it when the wiki was made it worked because the community redirected everyone who asked there we need a place where people can get the help and will be recognized

it’s a trend like short art guides or nature of guides or tug guides that shouldn’t be
at least we have good conversations like keybinding and extra inventory though

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I would like two gims, one red and one blue. You can try hamd drawn, but you cna alos to photoshop if you want. There could be some extra trees in the background as extra details. And you can out the game name, The Battlegrounds, in big text.

can I make a thumbnail?

Yea, sure. I’ll post a poll once there are enough thumbnails.