Can someone make a thumbnail for me

Can someone make a thumbnail for my laser tag game.:slight_smile:

Sorry, thumbnail requests aren’t allowed here.
(The community-imposed ban on them happened very recently, so that’s why you might have seen some of them here before)


Yep, just as Blackhole said, thumbnail requests are no longer allowed. Please mark a solution to close the topic before you get flagged.

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I understand what you are saying but, If you did need to get one where would you get it?

discord, wixsite, friends… idk

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I am still anoyed about that the admins should do something about that

Oh okay I didn’t know that

How do you mark it? as solution

Yeah, just click the solution button next to the post.

The amount of thumbnail requests I’ve gotten through friends and discord now that people know that I’m decent at art cannot be scoffed at.

There should be a check sign next to a post, click it and the solution is marked!

I have discord but it is blocked for me…
Wix is not blocked but I am still requesting to J()In and I can’t

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