Can someone make a full among us guide?

All I can find is bits and pieces no full guides

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It’s going to be very very hard to make a full guide on Among Us but you can look in the among-us tag for Among Us guides.


I am planning to after I finish my among us

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I think that would be too much to write. Also, you will need to get multiple people’s permission to use their guides in your big guide.

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I know, I actually made everything myself, with the exception of the voting

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That’s cool! How close are you to finishing?
I, personally, am very close to finishing!

Do you want to do a collab with it?

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sure, though my plan is to make the core systems, killing, sabotages, etc. I am not done with my map, but most of the core systems except sabotages I have made.

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Ok does anyone have a real full guide I can use tho?

Not yet. Me and @potato1 plan on making one though.


I mean

why does it say the topic will close 3 hours after the last reply?

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Can you create a wiki for me and @potato1?
We want to make a guide for this.
Thank you!

No problem.
What should I name it?

Maybe just “full among us guide.”
it doesn’t really matter, me and @potato1 can edit it.


There is already one. Make sure to mark a solution.

@Geoffrey.Nafeygmail, please mark a solution!

Would you like the map, task, systems or all three?