Can someone make a design?

I am making harry potter gimkit and i need a design for hedwigs cage please send a screenshot

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A screenshot of what exactly?

A design of the cage

something like this? The Noble Collection Harry Potter Miniature Hedwig in Cage -  Resin Snowy Owl Sculpture in Metal and Wood Pedestal Display - Officially  Licensed Film Set Movie Props : Toys & Games

Heres the area its going to be in
Screenshot 2024-04-25 11.06.05 AM

Yes but in gimkit and less 3d

yeah, ik

Has anyone made a design I really need this cage so BUMP

i can try to make one

use this 𐂺 and put it on a stool and use the owl emoji

then add a circle barrier over the top to give it the finished look as a sealed cage.

add a - sign on top for the lid @GimNo0b