Can someone help with channels?

For some reason, My channels aren’t working. Like what I mean is that they will not send the channel when, for example; when I enter a zone. It just wont send the channel… Am i doing something wrong? :confused:

When you enter the zone it should transmit on a channel, if you made it do that. So what do you want to happen when you enter a zone?

@Haiasi i searched for guides on channels, is there any made by forum members?

May I see your channels?

Check this out:

On your zone channel, it can send a signal to another device to run an action?
What do you want to do?

Is he allowed to like, just give us the code so we can help?

No, codes are not allowed here.
Post codes on the wixsite.

Oh, that’s a shame. Well maybe you should be sure where in your devices the channels are.

Nah the word that’s blocked is j o i n

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So I checked the guide on the channels and turns out that my game was just lagging extremely bad- Thanks for the help anyways!

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It’s good that it got fixed tho! Still funny how it was just lag and not an actual problem lol.

Anyway cya guys!

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