Can someone help me with a starting area?

I’m trying to make it so you spawn in a certain place, press a button to decide what team your on and a button to pick your team

I can help
do you want me to jo in your game or…

if you can yea but cant you not post codes in here?

yeah codes are not allowed here

yea that’s what I thought

You Are Right On The Money

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you sound like a tv host

use the wix @lando_1

I was not trying to lol :slight_smile:

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how can I get someone in my code to help thoo

where is the wix? like where can I find it?

wait ya how do I help if theres no codes

Use the wix

the wix is blocked for me :pensive:

they explain the problem and you explain the solution

The Padlet

just got to wix site can anyone help me with the starting area?

you need to ask to join the groups
here though you can explain what you need and we can help you without the code

so, I’m making a red vs blue game, and I want there to be a starting area where players can choose their team and get teleported to that team, but they also respawn in the same team side

you can use checkpoints