Can someone help me with a random team switcher?

So, I’m making a Capture The Flag type game in which there are four teams and a flag in the middle each team needs to get to their capture zone to score a point. Now I need help with multiple aspects of the game I can’t find a forum on these problems so here I am. :slight_smile:

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capture-the-flag Is only for guides

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In the game options you can set random teams. Also with the team switch object, there’s a switch to random team option. If you want something more specific, then you’re going to have to be more specific lol…

Sorry, my bad. I didn’t know.

I’ve tried both of them, but when switching from the before game team ( Team 5 ) it always switches back to Team 1 for the game. Is that because it’s only me trying it out or is their sometime else I need to do?

Well, the issue ties back to it being just you. Think about it like this…
The max amount of teams is the max amount of players; one player per team.
Since you’re the only player, the max teams is one (for the default function).
Why does it matter if you switch to a random team exactly? It’s possible with only one player still, but what purpose does it serve? (when it’s just you)

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That makes a lot more sense. Thank you.

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