Can someone help me make an Among Us voting system?

Team 1 is always the imposter. Can someone make it so that the positions are randomized and there aren’t any duplicate voting players?

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here’s a welcome image.

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here are four guides on voting

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that’s one (are you editing?)

click the link or the little arrow on the onebox

oh, that makes more sense

Look through voting.


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So, you can look at guides but basically when button pressed → relay to all players (while this is happening if dead you have item “RED seed” and life-cycle(start) → repeater → checker → check for “RED seed” if red seed broadcast “STOP VOTE”.) when popup receives “STOP VOTE” it closes the popup and popup is only active per player (This closes it for only dea.d players. Then a button sends you to area where can press buttons but barrier is above players with button higher so cannot see players then set counter with blocks to make it so triggering player = Property and if other property “The counter” is higher then other counter property’s send triggering player to spectator with team switcher. Hope this helps!

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