Can someone help me make a property that is the round winner's name?

I have a property called “Winner’s Name”. I have an end of game widget where I want it to show the player’s name who won. Anyway to do so?
I have a mechanic for whenever someone gets eliminated, everyone remaining gets one Gold Seed as a Placement feature.

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Why do I feel like you change pfps every few days
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If you don’t want the person to press a button (cause they could do this before the game is over)

how to

That lifecycle that grants everyone a seed make it run an IIM also. The IIM should track gold seeds and have a code block that we’ll get to later. Make a property called most seeds or something of that nature. Have it be a number property. Now in that code block have it check to see if the amount of the seeds is greater than the number property. If it is greater set the Winners name property to the triggering players name.

If you don’t know an IIM is an Item Inventory Manager

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An alternative will be to use a live player counter that always sets that property to the triggering players name in a trigger and then the system ends the game at one player remaining.

You could delete the golden seed thing if you chose this system also

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im still following the guide so, i don’t wanna yet

ok, i’m really confused rn

No, I need to know how to have the username of the player with the most gold seeds to show at the end widget, and I need everyone playing to see it. Is this possible? If not, does anyone have other solutions?

TorontoBulls1’s original reply has the solution. So you have your Inventory Item Manager for gold seeds updating the “gold seeds” property which is a number, and player scoped property. Then you have the “most seeds” property which is a number and global scoped property. It also has a default value of 0. The last property is the “best player” property which is a global scoped, text property. Broadcast on a channel when the “gold seeds” property changes, and have a trigger be triggered when receiving on that channel. In the trigger make this Block code:
If get property “gold seeds” > get property “most seeds”
Do set property “most seeds”; value get property “gold seeds”
----- set property “best player”; value triggering player’s name

Then, the end of game widget tracks the “best player” property.
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can you explain that to… say a kindergartener?

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Just follow the steps. Once you have completed them test it. Then if it doesn’t work say what isn’t working and give us ss of the system. Its not that hard

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so Best Player, in my situation, would be Winner’s Name (my property)

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yes that is correct. you can change the property name’s but that’s just what i would use for myself.

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ok i have an idea where when one player is left, a popup pops up and says “you won” kinda like fn like it says “#1 victory royale” and when you close it OR press the only call to action it sets the winner’s name to triggering player’s name, will that work?

yes, that would work.

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