Can someone help me make a hub

I need a hub for my new map, but I don’t know how to make one.

Dou you mean pre-game lobby?

What do you mean?

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@BananaMan1 Do you mean a lobby or like a store? Or something else?
Lobby: How to Make a Lobby

I suppose I do mean a pre-game lobby

Place a spawn pad where you want the pre-game lobby to be, and then set the settings to “pre-game”.

If you are talking about a pregame lobby then to design it you can add make a platform sort of thing and add props that make it look more lively like chairs and tables

If you mean a lobby, look at this guide:

Oops yeah that.



Solution! Solution! Solution!

Yes. @BananaMan1 Please mark a solution

The lobby in my game is REALLY simple.

But probably even more for me.


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