CAn someone help me get ideas for art

I need any ideas for art because i am bored and i want o get better at art

whats the art for so i can give ideas

Art is foranything and then i post it on here but mainly gimkit

just made a hideand seek one because i was bored

Bleak, yellow-brown nuclear wasteland. Evil Eye and shards scattered about.

Thank you!

Is this what you wanted

Nah, more Gimkit-y. That’s a literal FO4 screenshot.

Also, put in Rocky West fighting an Ozi with a Quantum Portal.
That’d be cool.

Oh is this arequest for your game or smt

Is this better i just kinda want to keep background but i will change it

Here is the most i will do foryou

Looks good, thanks! Thought I strongly advise against using watermarked pictures lol

Oh ya i usually try to not use them but it was hard to find one that was not

Do you use Photoshop?

No i dont use photoshop

Just slides or PowerPoint or smth?

No i use klefki for it

Might I suggest using Photopea? It’s basically free Photoshop. Makes stuff a lot easier when using a custom ABR.

OK let me check it out quick