Can someone help me create upgrades to my power in in my game

I have this portal power up that gives you the ability to teleport anywhere in the map but I can’t think of upgrades

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Power ideas:
Speeder: Speedy with a wooden wand
Magician: Legendary wooden wand
Tank: Slow but super high damage and health
Medic: Drops meds for teamates

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Give it a cooldown, and an upgrade could lower the cooldown or take it away entirely.

I love your idea, but maybe for the speedy you can have a different weapon? You don’t want to many of one weapon, but I like the idea for magician. Maybe put the teleporter upgrade there. For the tank, maybe put a legendary evil eye. And for the medic, maybe have a slingshot. Probably a common one.

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Ah yes for speeder the weapon could be a blastor
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I need upgrades to my specific power up

I just read it, thank you so much for sending it.

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I already have all of my power ups I just need upgrades to portal power up

I had a suggestion in the second reply.

yes, but I want it to be an attack or something like that it dose not have a cool down