Can someone help me choose a biome?

So what I’m doing is I’m making a series on how to make certain biomes,but I’m not sure what biome to do next?

a taiga maybe? look at minecraft and pick a random one.

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Can they be made up?

yep any biome you can imagine

even made up ones that dont exist

so yes they can be mad eup

You could do a desert or beach, or forest, or spaceship

yasss I have to choose ethta that is such a good idea

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Thank you very much~

and the frogs could be when they croak, their throats light up and they spit out fireflies

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even though they cant eat fireflies

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YES that would be so cool

It’s made up you can do whatever you want

I’ma make a whole ultimate guide on that but I’ma credit you because you had the idea

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Alrighty, thanks. Hope it goes well~

why’d not you delete that post so no one copies it I have it written on a Google doc now

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Done and done ~ :3:P @DANIOOLA

mmk I’m gonna make that map in Gimkit then do a tug on it

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looking good so far!

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I’m starting on the I meant guide

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